For my birthday, I spent a whole entire weekend stuffing my face with some of my favorite things.
Let me show you what made my belly so happy. So many bad good things (or good bad things... I'm not sure), it was ridiculous.
RER 10.12.12
 My favorite Ruben sandwich from the Spa Restaurant in Hoboken... my absolute favorite.

RER 10.13.12
Irish Benedict from Brownstone Diner in Jersey City... corned beef hash and poached eggs, how could you go wrong?

RER 10.13.12
 Pepperoni, ricotta, and olive pizza at Grimaldi's... way to indulge in a craving.

RER 10.14.12
Cannoli birthday cake from Calandra's Bakery in Newark... my boyfriend knows me so well. I love cannoli... so cannoli + cake = foodgasm

It was awesome to eat some of my favorite comfort foods during my birthday weekend, but I also got to try new things, like Monday's post Pardon my FRENCH: Paradou. And see even more food birthday adventures soon...

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