second YELPing

RER 12.712
Another day, another review on yelp. Check out what I had to say about the Jersey City favorite, Skinner's Loft (though it is not my favorite...but you will see why). You can also see the experience I had more than a year before there here. The idea of Skinner's Loft is exciting and enticing, but somehow the service and food have fallen short on both occasions.

RER 12.7.12
RER 12.7.12

RER 12.7.12
I would love to hear suggestions for FoodFacts (yes, they will be coming back soon....), or recipes that I should MangiaMore, or even restaurants I should check out in the New York Metro area. Leave me a comment or even email me at foodiventures@gmail.com. It would make my day!
JAR 12.7.12

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