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RER 4.8.13
The weather has had an instant switch from chilly temperatures to warmth and sunshine, perfect indicators of ice cream weather. Yesterday was one of those exceptional days where all I thought about was creamy, cold, delicious ice cream. Check out my yelp review of a Jersey City favorite ice cream spot, Torico.
RER 9.15.12
JAR 4.8.13

And what about the FoodFacts on ice cream itself, from its different styles to the plethora of flavors and nutrition facts!
RER 9.15.12

Would love to hear what foods and places you are looking forward to with all the spring days a head of us... leave me some food for thought.

RER 4.8.13
P.S. It is Free Cone Day at Ben&Jerry's, so get it while you can!
RER 4.8.13

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