TASTE of Tribeca I

JAR 5.18.13
The foodie fantasy, Taste of Tribeca, took place on not-so-dry Saturday, tempting the crowd with tiny bites (sometimes not so tiny) and tastes from renowned restaurants of the Tribeca area. Let me just tell you, the rain deterred some but it did not stop me from tasting as much as I could. The best part about getting a plus one may be getting double the food. When there are over 70 high quality and high caliber restaurants and each ticket is allotted only six tastes, coming with a partner in crime is definitely a plus. Take a look at my recap article for Miss A here

RER 5.18.13
Taste 1
Rillette of Home Smoked Salmon on Rye bread, Pork Pate with Pickled Vegetables—Ammanns-Copenhagen
The salmon rillette automatically made us think of bagels; you know, hefty amounts of smoked lox and a thick smear of cream cheese. It was reminiscent of a spread, like pate, a mousse or a cream cheese, but it was speckled with dill, like a sandwich salad, and topped with a thin slice of radish. The salmon was light compared to the dense seedy rye bread, populated with most any seed found.  The pork pate on the other hand was dense and heavy, rich and meaty, only to be broken by the bright beet that rested on top. It was completely luxurious (and delicious) in comparison to the typical dry rye bread.

RER 5.18.13
Taste 2
Salted Cod Brandade with Tomato Compote Crustine— Cercle Rouge
This bite was crunchy, smooth, and almost creamy at the same time. The crisp buttery crouton served as a base for the spreadable salt cod and olive oil emulsion. It was topped by a bright red dollop of tomato compote that was surprisingly acidic, and overwhelmed the other more subtle elements. However, at the finish, the cod flavor peeked out, ending on a salty and mildly fishy note. The mix of the textures was a fun play and invited the mouth to wander.

RER 5.18.13
Taste 3
Chef’s Surprise— Blaue Gans
As it turns out the “chef’s surprise,” was around sausage filled dumpling resting on a bed of wet and tangy sauerkraut. The dumpling was doughy  and rich, but balance was achieved with the tang and sweetness of the pickled sauerkraut. Inside the soft round dumpling  was a filling of sausage, reminiscent of fancy hot dogs and spices. The micro greens were beautiful in decorating the dumpling, but were too earthy for the rich dish.

RER 5.18.13
Taste 4
Buttermilk Dipped Chicken Fingers— Dirty Bird To Go
The lady asked barbeque sauce or honey mustard… and I thought, why do I have to chose? We landed on honey mustard. These plump white meat chicken tenders were absolutely juicy and delicious. They were hot and near perfect. There was not too much breading, but it was well seasoned and almost crisp. The honey mustard was thin and runny, sweet with a little warmth. I was not a fan of the honey mustard, but somehow those tenders needed it.

RER 5.18.13
Taste 5
Bacon Wrapped Scallop with Strawberry Serrano Relish— The Hideaway
There was a choice at the Hideaway’s stall, between glorified pigs and a blanket and a bacon wrapped scallop. No contest. The scallop was alone on the paper plate, lonely but oddly vibrant. The strawberry Serrano relish that was draped over the seared scallop and translucent like bacon, was bright and hot. It was sweet with the fruit of the strawberry, but it was also spicy and tropical. Its heat was balanced by the sweetness of the succulent scallop, although cold was just right, while the saltiness of the bacon melded each part to make a whole. The heat of the strawberry relish broke up the richness and offered a forceful kick at the finish.

RER 5.18.13
Taste 6
Pulled Pork Sandwich— Walker’s
There is nothing like a classic pulled pork sandwich, served with a hearty scoop of rough chopped slaw, and a sliver of watermelon. Walker’s more than taste, reminded us what summer means on that grey Saturday. There was nothing astonishing about any of the elements; the pork was tender, but not as assertively seasoned and sauced as I would have liked and the coleslaw was tangy and rushed. But the trifecta created a feeling, stirred memories of summers past, and made us eager for summers in the future.

Stay tuned for more of our Taste of Tribeca adventure, it's a whole lot to wrap your mouth around.
RER 5.18.13

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