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RER 9.7.13

An empty lot adjacent to the Count Basie Theatre patio was transformed into the Food Truck Court for the special weekend long Appetite foodie event (see more here and here). Entrance to the patio and food truck court was a mere $10 and included live musical performances, access to the patio bar and the diverse food trucks hailing from near and as far as New York City. Over the two days various trucks and their representatives offered the guests delicious street food options from BBQ to unique ice cream sandwiches.

RER 9.8.13
RER 9.7.13
Oink and Moo BBQ featured fun and flavorful BBQ with items like pulled pork and brisket sliders, meat packed chili and savory spicy ribs. A tangy goat cheese and jack cheese quesadilla replete with peppers and a side of black bean salad was offered for the non-meat eater. The three pulled pork tacos were served with crunchy cabbage and a little salsa and bean salad to highlight the spicy sweetness of the meat while the sliders were topped with a creamy cole slaw to cool the mouth and crisp potato chips to add texture. Even the sweet cornbread dunked in the meet heavy chili increased balance and accent. Josh Sacks, food truck owner, revealed that there is a smoker on board their purple truck and the secret ingredient of their sweet corn bread.
RER 9.7.13
Mayhem & Stout from New York City brought along two meat sandwiches with complex flavor profiles and layering. The pretty rib sandwich was constructed with care in front of the guest, a procedure to create balance. The buttery tender ribs lay on the bun base topped by some pickled white onions, tangy to contrast the succulent meat. Then a delicate drizzle of blueberry siriacha intensified the heat and added subtle sweetness to the savory sandwich. The pulled pork sandwich came with a heap of cold slaw for traditional BBQ goodness.

*Note: Not taken during Appetite RER 7.13.13
RER 9.8.13
Coolhaus, ice cream and ice cream sandwich experts, rolled into the food truck court on Sunday, enticing guests with their innovative frozen desserts. They dished out several creative fun ice cream flavors like candied bacon and whiskey & Lucky Charms to be mixed and matched with their equally unexpected cookies like snack food and red velvet. The combinations were endless, and obviously delicious, combining sweet with savory, and familiar with obscure. Their thick customized ice cream sandwiches even came in an edible wrap, making devouring the childhood dessert a breeze.

Andrew Deming
RER 9.7.13
And Freezy Freeze, the Red Bank gem, brought smiles to the faces of customers as they watched their customized ice cream freeze before their eyes with the help of liquid nitrogen. Andrew Deming founded the ice cream truck after a trip with his daughter to the City where they saw frozen desserts created the same way. He mentioned that the quicker freezing time results in a smoother and creamier ice cream. Freezy freeze also offered a wide range of toppings ranging from heath bar crumbles to pink salt and rotating flavors, like coffee and mint.

The trucks offered something for everyone. Still hungry? And maybe a little thirsty? Stay tuned for the Taste & Talk Tent offerings, some with a very adult twist…
JAR RER 9.7.13

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