APPETITE: taste & talk tent

RER 9.7.13
Appetite presented by Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank featured the Taste & Talk Tent. The large tent was brimming with local artisan food vendors ranging from craft beer from Carton Brewing to liquor produced by Jersey Artisan Distillery all the way to delectable  sweet and savory chocolates created by Donna & Company on Saturday, Septemeber 7. Not only were there samples lining every vendor table in the tent, but the tent was filled with discussions about the products and culinary trends.

RER 9.7.13

Rook Coffee Roasters stood by, doling out samples of their cold press coffee, which is dark heavy and strong. The representatives served up cup after cup perfect with ice cubes and a little simple sugar syrup for sweetness.
Lauren Christen
Papa's Pilar offered the crowd a taste of both light and dark rums, and later Philip Greene shook up traditions daiquiris while imparting knowledge on the inspiring Hemingway. Rum runner Lauren Christen explained the age difference of the two  rums and how that relates to their flavor profiles.
RER 9.7.13

RER 9.7.13

Angel's Envy bourbon whiskeys allowed connoisseur and beginners alike to learn about the layers involved in cultivating the dark liquor. Orange bitters and cherries were served with the small samples to enhance the flavors of the liquors, unlocking new complexities within.
Andrew Lee, Michael Criscuolo, Adam Bossie, and John Beam

RER 9.7.13

Even Coffee Afficionado presented something unique and artisanal to something deemed familiar. One of the founders, Adam Bossie, emphasized that Afficionado is a "chef driven concept that is fully integrated" from farm to cup.  As a distributor of high quality coffee favored by top chefs, the brand curates blends to fit the needs of restaurants, helping to end the meal on a high note with exceptional coffee. To ensure consistency and quality, Bossie mentioned that they train staff members in the art of their coffees.
Chris Paseka and Shauna McGowan
Sugarush cupcakery offered beautiful confections for every kind of sweet tooth boasting lemon to peanut butter frosting flavors paired with cakes from carrot to red velvet. Each sweet bite felt customized and special as Chris Paseka piped frosting on to the samples in the moment. He emphasized his pleasure working with Count Basie Theatre as a way of supporting the community, a way of local helping local.

RER 9.7.13

The Taste & Talk Tent really allowed local business owners and products shine, reminding us that there is talent everywhere, around the corner or down the street, even in our own back yards.
RER 9.7.13

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