Halloween: CUPCAKE wars 2013

Halloween has passed, but my sweetbelly lingers. Not only did I indulge in my favorite candies (note: candy corn), I also got to stuff my face with some creative cupcakes participating in the annual Halloween Cupcake Wars. These spooky Halloween cupcakes involved candy (note: candy corn), caramel popcorn, maple syrup and marshmallow fluff, so there were plenty of sweet additions to sample, let alone the delicious culmination of the cupcakes. Check out the competition...
RER 11.1.13

RER 11.1.13

RER 11.1.13

I waged a Halloween Cupcake War and the results....Well, stay tuned for recipes, baking adventures, photos and tastes for each of the contenders, the tricks and the treats! It will make you salivate!

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