drink2that: a TOAST to 2013

In honor of the New Year and to celebrate this past year, I am going to make a toast. Ahem, To a great year full of good food, full bellies, bold flavors, love and happiness, growth in the right direction and measurable success. May 2014 be bigger and better and even more flavorful!

All that is true, though I really meant a more figurative toast (made up of figures). I have collected my favorite images of drinks I have tried this year from the Beacon Big Apple at Beacon Bar, to the Red Root from Whitman & Bloom, to the Milano at Bar Felice, even to lazy gin mojitos and Pims at home and the occasional glass of wine at Satis. We are going to party like it’s 1999!

It is almost the New Year! Thanks again for your support in following foodie ventures on facebook, instagram, twitter, yelp and pintrest! Share the love and let's make 2014 even bigger, better and more flavorful!

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