HudsonRW: the Stewed Cow

RER 1.27.14

Thank goodness for Hudson Restaurant Week’s Super Week. To celebrate the Super Bowl coming to Jersey, some restaurants participating in HudsonRW have extended their deals through game day (eee!).
RER 1.27.14
Off to the Stewed Cow, a relative newcomer to the Hoboken scene, for Super Week. HudsonRW at the Stewed Cow included two options: three course prix fixe for $25, or $35 for a libation pairing. The color scheme of the place is dark, but the details are inviting, reminiscent of a contemporary old west. The Stewed Cow is a land of strong bourbons and hardy dishes— a watering hole for the urban cowboy. And somewhere in the back is a mechanical bull that gets plenty of action every night.
RER 1.27.14
Buffalo Calamari
This was super fresh, super yummy, and also super spicy (to me)— fried calamari with a spicy twist. The blue cheese crumbles were at first jarring (Scott Conant says that cheese and fish is a big no-no), but buffalo is automatically paired with blue cheese.
RER 1.27.14
Cheesy Tater Tots
A mini cast iron pan overflowing with greasy, golden potato pillows, topped with an inexcusable amount of cheese. It was hot and salty, starchy and what cafeteria dreams are made of.

Bourbon Chili and Chips
Like the other oversized appetizers, this was what you would expect, but it had the most complex flavors. The wet chili had a little pile of shredded cheese on top, but nestled in the warm sauce was thick chunks of braised beef, making it hearty and rustic.
RER 1.27.14
Fish Tacos
The two tacos were topped with a bunch of shredded cabbage, adding a freshness and crunch that was missing in the marinated mahi mahi. A red onion here and chunk of tomato there comprised the salsa, but the tangy crema fresco muddled all the flavors.

All American Burger
It was big, juicy, and basically just right. Just a regular burger done decently.
RER 1.27.14
Cajun Fettuccine with Grilled Chicken
The rough and ready Cajun spices blended right in. The thin creamy sauce coated the fettuccine, adding not quite enough heat. Peas were frequent, while big chicken pieces seemed far and few between.
RER 1.27.14
Warm Cookie Dough
This was the most undercooked cookie like ever, but it was hot and delicious, with the  harmony of white and brown sugars and chocolate chips. On top were two large baubles of melting cookie dough ice cream, indulging in a double dose.
RER 1.27.14
Borubon Pecan Pie
As all pecan pies should be, this one was sweet, meaty, dense and delicious.
RER 1.27.14
Fried Oreos
Memories of the shore came to mind, but this heavy, dough reincarnation of the favorite burst bubbles. The gooey chocolate cookies were lost in a puffy orb of oil-saturated dough, which made them hard to enjoy.

In the moment, the food was delicious, satisfying and addictive. I could not put my fork down gorging on little potato nuggets and spicy tentacles, or rest my taco on the plate or even give my spoon a breather when there was cookie dough childhood reveries to be had. There was nothing truly out of the ordinary at the Stewed Cow, other than the extremely friendly and eager staff, but at the same time, that’s not what it’s about. It’s about bourbon, and comfort, and having a good time, which I totally did! Next time the bull!!(?)
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RER 1.27.14

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