eclectic EATS and sumptuous SIPS: Wine Spot

The hushed buzz of good conversation over great wine and the constant hum of popular music fill Wine Spot’s intimate lower level. A warm fireplace, little lanterns on each table and dim lighting set a far away atmosphere, complete with comfortable chairs and ornamented mirrors. The upper level has a similar feeling, distant from the realities of the bustling city and closer to elsewhere.
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Wine Spot (see more here) is not only an ambiance that transports and dislodges the forces of time; it is also a place to indulge in a deliciously curated wine selection. Owner and sommelier Gabriela Arzola has crafted a precise assortment of international wines. A rich and full Atteca Granacha Old Vines from Spain would coat the tongue of any wine drinker supplying distinct satisfaction. Or a juicy and sweet Clean Slate Riesling would tingle the taste buds of connoisseurs and newbies alike. Fresh and fruity house favorite red sangria could provide refreshing relief. Wine Spot also offers tours of Italy, Spain and the USA through its wine flights; travel with just a sip.
 A hand-selected wine menu is definitely a highlight of the wine bar, but the list of global tapas-style dishes and cheese and meat plates only add excellence.
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A classic bowl of macaroni and cheese would warm any soul, but the truffle mac & cheese at Wine Spot gives the comfort food an update. Creamy and aromatic, the pasta dish is laced with just enough truffle to heighten the adult flavors of the Italian Fontana cheese. The delicate flourish of dried rosemary bringing something distinct and different in taste and texture.

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Tucked in a tiny casserole dish the choripan dish offers a complete and round flavor profile, featuring Spanish chorizo nestled in a light potato roll. Biting into the elevated hotdog, welcomes the pop of the sausage’s outer skin and the rush of the fatty meat. A ribbon of an herbed aioli adds further elegance, while tomato slices and buttery lettuce capture familiarity. The mix brings to mind utter comfort and gastronomical delight.

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The two arepas come with a tiny squeeze bottle of chipotle mayo for optional enhancement. The arepa de queso is soft from the liquid of the fresh mozzarella cheese wedged between the two light Venezuelan corn cakes. The corn is not overwhelming, but is just enough to add texture and a feeling of somewhere else. Even though the tender shredded beef of the arepa de carne mecha is a little wet and greasy, the cake is unaffected but rather soaks up the delicious flavors of spices and time.
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Wine Spot’s tres leches is sinful, sumptuous and seductive. It is dense with layers of cake and sweet luxury topped with a necessary indulgent swirl of whipped cream. The healthy portion feels like a cross between soaked cake and an indolent pudding, laden with caramelized notes of sweetened condensed milk. Each spoonful is a getaway and happiness.

The rich combination of plush wines, eclectic eats and an inviting atmosphere makes Wine Spot the consummate hangout and leisurely escape.
RER 4.2.14

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