re.CAP : HAMILTON Park BBQ Festival

RER 9.27.14
Saturday showed a resurgence of summer heat, cloudless skies and intense sun— the perfect setting for the 5th Hamilton Park BBQ Festival in Jersey City. The crowds holding plastic cups filled with amber beer, unwieldy racks of ribs or over filled sandwiches, spilled onto the street bordering the park. There, there were vendors selling wares and snacks, while in the square was the meat of the matter. 
RER 9.27.14
In the graveled area, six different bbq-centric eateries dished out smoky eats like pulled pork and brisket sandwiches from Delaney BBQ, ribs from Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, drumsticks from Jimmy’s BBQ, and meaty noodles from Union Republic. Hammilton Inn poured libations like Bourbon Tea and red sangria, while  Milk Sugar Love and Cholita Dessert Bar tempted with ice cream and sweet treats. There was live music and face painting and other kiddie activities making the BBQ Festival an affair for the family, while raising funds for the New Hamilton Park Conservancy.
RER 9.27.14

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