dinner and a DOUGHNUT: doughnut plant

RER 4.9.15
As always, after dinner, we needed something sweet. It was a trek and a half, but well worth it when we bit into one of our late night treats from Doughnut Plant. The shop was about to close, but we had just enough time to take big bites out of our pretty doughnuts.
RER 4.9.15

Crème Brûlée

This tiny doughseed was a gem. It was the most scrumptious of them all (well, all three I tried that night). The top was crunchy caramelized sugar as you would find on the creamy dessert. It was filled with thick dense custard, speckled with vanilla. The burned notes from the bruléed sugar brought out a kind of sweet smokiness in the delightful insides. Every time the smooth filling oozed out of the doughnut, my heart smiled.
RER 4.9.15
The strawberry yeast doughnut was giant and fluffy. Light pink sugary frosting flaked off of the treat and stuck to my finger and melted on my tongue. The sweetness of the frosting stood up to the light doughnut, which lacked the greasy feeling of so many others.
RER 4.9.15
Wild Blueberry Cake
It’s hard for me to resist pretty eats. The blueberry cake doughnut was a perfect purple hue, sweet but not overwhelmingly so and lovely to look at. Each bite seemed to be bursting with the fresh slightly tart sweet flavors of blueberries. It was dense and cakey, studded with the tasty fruits.

I am so glad we made it in time to sneak in a few absolutely delicious doughnuts. I continue to dream about the textures and the balanced flavors. Can not wait take another trip to a Doughnut Plant to satiate my continuous craving for yummy doughnuts.
RER 4.9.15

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