LITERARY devices: The Shakespeare

RER 6.3.15
Sometimes a catch-up session with one of your favorite gals can cure all, but a fat burger and thick fries and a yummy Pimm’s beverage most definitely can help. After a tasty drink and a not so tasty snack at The Archive, the gal pal and I headed to The Shakespeare for something a little more substantial (and delicious).

Walking down the stairs to the lower-level entryway felt like we were breaking the rules and crashing a secret clubhouse. Dim lights and hot hostesses greeted us, along with dark walls and a kind of inexplicable British warmth.  Tables crowded in close, creating an intimate space and communal conversation and spirit in the dining area. Pictures and paraphernalia took over the deep read walls, fighting for attention in harmonious contention. Candles dripping hot wax lined a congested mantle piece warming the room and emanating the feeling that it was dark and late outside.

Pretty punch hypnotized with Bourbon, mint iced tea and floral cucumber and sweet Pimm’s and Chambord with tangy sweet lemonade quenched thirst and amplified smiles.
RER 6.3.15
But the creamy rosemary and herb-laced pot of homemade ricotta swimming with olive oil and aged balsamic, soothed raucous feelings. The smooth cheese spread across the warm bread with sensual ease and filled the proximity with delectable aromas, pleasant and revealing.
RER 6.3.15
And then there was the burger—fat and stacked high on a little wooden board, accompanied by tall wide “chips.” Its toppings were dreams, mingling to create refined pub fare and complex bites, memorable and comforting. Thick rashers of super smoky bacon straddled white melted cheddar crowning a perfect house blend patty. Salty tart thin sliced pickles, pungent spicy rings of red onion and dark green strands of lettuce added brightness to the fatty meat and buttery sesame seed bun. It was more than a burger; it was catharsis and a feeling.

The Shakespeare offered ambiance and attentive service. It dished up lovely refreshing drinks and flavorful food evoking pub moments. It was perfect for gossip and support and hearty laughs.

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come
-William Shakespeare 
RER 6.3.15

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