a road trip: BOSTON break

JAR 8.14.16
School has already started, but our road trip and all of the tasty treats we tried remain on my mind and the tip of my tongue. After eating our way though part of Maine’s coast, we had to make the return to NJ. But, before we got back, we stopped in Boston to make the drive home from Bar Harbor, ME, easier and more delicious.

We got to Boston pretty late. We needed a bite even after yummy snacks on our way south, so thanks to yelp, we ended up at East Side Bar & Grill for some robust Italian Bolognese, over-stuffed rollatini, and a massive burger with too many French fries. It felt familiar and a nice break from all the fresh seafood we had been devouring (I think we indulged in a little too much lobster, if that’s a thing).
There was no shortage of places for some brunching in Boston, which made decisions even more difficult. With a little waffle from the hotel’s free breakfast, we were better able to pick a place, and ultimately waited a bit for a table. North Street Grille was packed for Sunday brunch. The sidewalk outside of the small eatery was crawling with patient, yet hungry people. Inside was just as busy. The menu has a mix of whimsy and classic, with a twist of over-the-top. We started with the Boston cream French toast sticks, which were super fried, super crunchy, and greasy, while filled with a sweet custard and accompanied by syrupy chocolate. The short rib Benedict was a special that day; it was hearty, meaty, and a classic with more potatoes than necessary. We also had the corned beef omelet, filled to brimming with salty corned beef and topped with an inordinate amount of cheese. It was good with fluffy eggs and potato hash to soak up the grease. In the end, it was loud as mimosas and brunchy drinks kept flowing for the other guests. We left with ringing ears and full bellies.
RER 8.14.16

The day was hot, but the amphibious Duck Tour gave us some cool views on the water and some great history lessons on land.
RER 8.14.16

RER 8.14.16

After wandering around town, we stumbled on a Roost Bistro on Newbury Street. Word on the street is “it has a great reputation” (We literally overheard this on the busy street.).  We arrived three minutes after the doors opened for Sunday dinner, or what we thought was dinner. Apparently we did not get the full dinner menu, missing specials and entrees that even after eating made our mouths water. Looking at the menu we were given in the empty restaurant, we decided on a burrata salad with thick balsamic, bright rounds of acidic tomatoes, and a heft heap of spicy arugula. After all of our seafood adventures, another salad was in order. This was a sweet and savory spinach salad, with juicy red strawberries and tangy, salty feta. For a main, I had the bison burger with sautéed onions, creamy brie, and green arugula—salty, greasy, not quite delicious enough to be so pretentious. The pork chop main was wholesome and classic, but skinny on the meat. Dessert was an odd mix of unexpected and almost thawed. The service was spotty and casual, the early hour perhaps, hopefully.
Thankfully, I spied a trio devouring melty ice cream out of the most whimsical, delicious-looking cones. With a little quick research, we were able to figure out where those lip-smacking cones. Of course, we made a plan to go to Emack and Bolio after dinner to get our paws on some ice cream. I decided to get some Cookie Monster ice cream—a mix of cookies n cream and chocolate chip cookie dough— in a krispie treat- adorned waffle cone. Both the cone and ice cream were out-of- control scrumptious, almost worth the seven bucks.

The ice cream was definitely a sweet ending to our short jaunt in Boston. Hope we can take a trip up again soon and taste all the sights.

JAR 8.14.16

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