This is going to be my food diary—pictures, reviews, recipes, facts, food adventures. Here you will see food through my eyes and taste it through my experiences and words. I will look at my own food ventures, as well as thoughts of others, food facts and recipes all to create a wide and varied picture of food.

The date at the bottom of the post will be the date the review was written or the day of the adventure. Some of these entries will be out of order—some are old and many will be new.

In terms of the pictures, the sources will be cited unless the photo was taken with my camera, in my presence, in which case I will put the initials of the photographer and the date. The photos are meant to make the mouth water and give insight into presentation, texture, and ingredients. Also check out FOOD-tography, my tumblr dedicated solely to images of food!

Hope you enjoy my foodie ventures and are inspired to make your own!
RER 4.2012

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