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RER 8.23.12

I can’t say I always veer towards the most creative drinks when I am out. Often there are too many to chose from and I get overwhelmed with fruity drinks and alcohol flavors. I tend to play it safe when getting a drink, but sometimes the creativity and combinations tempt me and I succumb. This is what happened on my adventure in Rhode Island. Some of the drinks on the long cocktail and specialty lists seemed so appealing, that I had to venture outside of my comfort zone.

Forty 1 North Bar--  Newport, RI
Mojito- The mojito was a classic and easy drink, though a little exotic because of the mint muddled with sugar. As always this mojito was fresh and refreshing, sweet enough to go down easy. The proportions were just right. Other than that, it was a pretty typical mojito.

El Diablo- The idea of the drink was beautiful, though the execution was not how I imagined the outcome would be. The tequila proportion was too high for the drink to be smooth. The sweet and spicy touch gingerale was struggling to equalize that, but provided nice carbonation and spike. The color was lovely in the glass, and the lime garnish highlighted the limejuice in the drink.

Red Parrot—Newport, RI
Pain Killer- This was one of those more fruity drinks I try to stay away from, but at the same time want. It was dark rum, with pineapple and orange juices, topped with just enough nutmeg to make it a little spicy. It was smooth and juicy, no chunks of fruit or large garnishes, nice and simple. The pineapple was tart and only muted with a touch of orange juice. I really liked the idea of nutmeg, it brought something special to the drink.

Pour Judgement—Newport, RI
Jack and Coke- This just happens to be the typical “Randi” drink. Just Jack Daniels and Coke; sweet, crisp, bubbly, caffeinated, and delicious. The other variation would be Jack and ginger ale, just as delicious and a little spicier. I had never been given such a large glass of Jack and Coke in my life. The bar tender filled up a soda glass and handed to us. The sweetness of the Jack Daniels was an undercurrent and glided nicely with the coca cola.

New Rivers—Providence, RI
Pimms- I love Pimms. In London it was one of my summer time go-to’s; Sangria for the British. This drink though was not how I remember the sweet Pimms mixes in the UK. It was almost bitter and ambushed with lime. The lime was definitely the strongest flavor in the drink. Gin followed. There was not a harmonious unison of all the flavors so the drink felt choppy.

Non- Alcoholic Melon drink- This drink had promise and great potential use of summer fruits. At first sip, it was delicious, sweet and refreshing. But then an intense lime bite chased the melon, coating the tongue and dominating every following sip. The drink was too tangy from the lime with no flavors to equalize. The melon flavors were all lost and longed for. It was pretty but way too much lime.

So, at the end of the day, my adventures were not worth straying from my usual. Most of the drinks I had did not tickle my fancy. My favorite was deffo the mojito from Forty 1 North (other than my large Jack and Coke), it was the cleanest and most straightforward, none of the fruity juices, or abnormally large garnishes, just mojito.

To see reviews of Red Parrot and Pour Judgement, check out my yelp page.

JAR 8.25.12

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  1. Wait when were you in RI and didn't tell me?? P.S. You're making me want a drink right now at noon lol -V


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