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RER 10.26.12
In celebration of National Candy Corn Day (October 30... I know some of us missed out because of Hurricane Sandy. New Jersey and NYC were hit really hard by the storm, and areas will take a long time to recover, but the amount of sharing and outreach has been amazing.) and the fall season's flavors, I started this war with a spiced pumpkin cupcake, topped with salted caramel frosting, and decorated with the highly venerated Candy Corn and Autumn Mix.
RER 10.16.12

I really wanted to try something new and different (for me), while incorporating the classic, old school fall favorite Candy Corn (I also had a can of pumpkin in the pantry that was calling my name, loudly, especially after the FoodFact).
RER 10.26.12
I scoured the internet for pumpkin cupcake goodness, and stumbled on this recipe. The recipe for the cake part, is similar to many others that I found, but it was the salted caramel frosting that put me over the edge. So I had to try it! I was excited to see how the mixture of the savory and sweet would turn out....

RER 10.26.12
Even though I never made the recipe before, I did not have my usual nerves and apprehension. Maybe it was 8 am, after a midnight manicure and little sleep, or it was nerves for something else after a weird week, but the recipe went super smooth. I halved the batch (because I don't think we needed 6 dozen cupcakes in the house), but made a full batch of the frosting!
RER 10.26.12

These pumpkin cupcakes turned out absolutely delicious! They are savory because of the kind of earthy vegetable feeling of the pumpkin, and the salt layered in the frosting. And they are sweet because of the decadent caramel frosting and the honey mallow Candy Corn resting on top. But they are also spicy, because of all the fall flavors of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice that are embedded in the moist cake. The first bite is stunning, smooth, moist, tender with a little crunch from the large morsels of sea salt, so many different layers and tastes. Some how it turned out to be a well orchestrated symphony of spice, sweet and salt.
RER 10.26.12

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