HUDSON Restaurant Week: Summer 2013

It’s about that time again! Hudson Restaurant Week is just around the corner and I can’t wait. This summer round is set to start July 29 and go through August 9. The food celebration highlights diverse restaurants across the county, featuring discounted prix fixe menus that would tickle any foodie on a budget. Check out the website for a list of the 45 different restaurants and their special menus. There a couple of new additions to the list, as restaurants are trying to expand their reach and participate in the community. I am excited to try out new places, and even revisit some that I went to during the winter restaurant week.
Take a peek at the places I tried out in the past restaurant weeks (it might help you pick and choose where to go):

Dino & Harry's, Hoboken
Hamilton Inn, Jersey City
Brass Rail, Hoboken
3Forty Grill, Hoboken
The Madison, Hoboken
Elysian, Hoboken
Maritime Parc, Jersey City
Light Horse, Jersey City

I am super excited because it is always a fun time and a way to explore the community and get to now the local offerings. Hope you Hudson County people get to try out some of these restaurants and show support. Stay tuned for photos, impressions, and stories about my Hudson Restaurant Week adventures, because there definitely will be some!
*Note all images are from hudsonrestaurantweek.com

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