the TAIL END of brunch : Park & Sixth Gastropub

RER 4.2.14
After being put on the list for a table at another place, and driving in circles looking for something enticing enough for the sunny day, we stumbled on Park & Sixth Gastropub just in time for brunch. Relieved, we ordered the discounted brunch drinks— a sweet and strong bellini for me, and a sharp and generic mimosa for him, each $4.

The brief brunch menu had just enough, but the mix of the sophisticated and the comfortable struck me. The menu played to both tastes, creating an interesting aesthetic, almost as eclectic and precise as the d├ęcor.
RER 4.2.14
The brisket and fresh mozzarella sandwich came with a sweet little basket of fries. Its meat was tender and its mozzarella was stretchy on the toasty bread. The two elements melded, fused by cheese and grease.  However, the meaty au jus overwhelmed the sandwich, taking away from the classic execution of the slow cooked meat and the texture of the cheese. The fries, however, were absolutely delicious; crispy, soft in the middle, well seasoned and hot.

The duck confit hash dish was beautiful— a formed round mound of chunky hash, two white poached eggs, crowned with some delicate micro greens and a weeping dollop of chipotle hollandaise. When I went to puncture the poached eggs to let the rich yolk ooze over the duck and potato hash, there was no runny yolk just solid over cooked middle. Yes, I was disappointed, but I was ready to eat it without complaint. An off duty server noticed my discontent and mentioned something to the manager who came directly over to talk to me. She was extremely nice, and offered me a new plate, which I accepted.
RER 4.2.14
And I was so glad I did. These second poached eggs were runny and mixed with the large cut potatoes and stringy duck perfectly. It was rich and filling with a lovely flavor profile, ranging from the salty and fatty duck, to the creamy starchy potatoes, tangy slivers of cooked red peppers, and the smooth and spicy chipotle hollandaise. So rich and so luxurious, I could not finish it (please note: it was finished).

After a while and different servers checked in on us, we decided to get dessert, landing on the “chipwich” which included some chocolate chip cookies and salted caramel gelato. Our taste buds were ready for something ridiculously sweet after the intensely savory brunch we just had. We received tiny dessertspoons, only for our server to tell us that they had run out of the requested dessert. Great.

We left with a bad taste in our mouths, feeling like the service was lacking and the staff unsteady. Despite manager’s professionalism, the staff was super casual, chatting amongst themselves, and not so attentive. Maybe it was a shift change or we arrived at the tail end of brunch, but we were kind of forgotten. Unfortunately, that was the resounding memory we were left with, not the details of delicious food.
RER 4.2.14

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