COLOR lives on: Teppan Bar & Grill

RER 7.6.14
Sometimes colors leave impressions that last the longest. Memories of flavor can fade and disintegrate and texture moments can wither and flatten, but color can reverberate and live on, brightness branded in time.
Somber grey packages dotted with warm brown paint strokes, conceal and hide, instilling sudden heat and precious humility. Creamy white rounds set the stage for long strands highlighted with seductive violet, evoking mysterious reveries and pleading imagination.
Rosy rows tickle taste buds, stroking heartstrings and recalling perfect evening sunsets and tender kisses in the grass. Fiery orange and red create heated flashes, blinding and beautiful, like that unforgettable first time.
A dark drizzle decorates deep decadence, underlined with mossy green complexity and dimension, unearthing warm desires. Sharp golds and buttery peaches lost in a fuzzy outline of forced freshness and crisp clarity, make wishes come true.
RER 7.6.14
Orbs of faded pastels dulled with time and heartache swim next to pristine white clouds of endless dreams and marauding nightmares, ending with simple sweetness.

This time the memory circumvented the way things felt, how each bite filled the mouth—all forgotten but a vivid hue.
RER 7.6.14

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