the most bomb BRUNCH: Brenda's French Soul Food

RER 8.22.14
There are few words to describe the deliciousness that was our meal at Brenda’s French Soul Food in San Francisco. This was the most bomb brunch the most bomb meal I’ve had in a while (though, this was the beginning of a run of pretty delicious food, stay tuned).

RER 8.22.14
We went all out and pigged out—there was no other way. So what the three of us had a wedding to attend in two days and wanted to fit in our cocktail attire? Brenda’s was so worth the calories and even the awkward looks when we ordered half the menu…
RER 8.22.14
Beignet flight
Please, do not skip the beignets. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you do. We got the flight, a taste of everything in the fried dough department. That plain ol’ classic beignet was beyond delish—warm, soft and fluffy middle, sweet and not too greasy. We weren’t wild for the Ghirardelli chocolate filled one, but the cinnamony apple beignet was reminiscent of fall delights. The last was a savory beignet, oozing with cheese and crawfish dusted with dark and spicy chili powder—ridiculous.
RER 8.22.14
Fried Chicken
This skin was crispy and flavorful, keeping all the moisture in the meat of the chicken parts. The thin fries were great company, but the biscuit was out of this world. It was sweet and salty, doughy, hot and fresh. Perfect with butter, perfect without, perfect with gravy…just perfect (sigh).
RER 8.22.14
Hangtown Fry
The house favorite combines fried oysters, bacon, and scallions, served with chucky potato hash and a too delicious biscuit. It seems peculiar, but it was really tasty. Plump fried oysters, crunchy and soft at the same time, littered a mess of scrambled eggs, while the bacon brought salt and the scallion added a light freshness. Truly yummy.

Pork Belly Special
This was just out of control. The breakfast special was a giant bowl of creamy, cheesy, smooth, almost divine grits, topped with a thick rasher of fatty tender pork belly, a perfectly poached egg, some spicy onions and bright green scallions. The base of extraordinary grits made each element melt in my mouth, dense, rich and made like a true New Orleans grandma. I would have an affair with those grits.
RER 8.22.14
Special Peach Clobber Pancake
As if we hadn’t gorged enough, we (I) had to try the special pancake. Lucky our full bellies, we were able to order just one. Of all the things we tried, this peach studded pancake with crunchy nut and sweet crumble was the least great. The thin caramel syrup and thick whipped cream added moisture, but hardly hid the pancake’s lack of flavor. Still pretty tasty.

Go to Brenda’s and eat all of the food! It’s an order.


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