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RER 8.29.14
Of course we had to have snacks during our West Coast sojourn as we hit different destinations and took a little road trip. Check out the sweet thangs we devoured up and down the coast!
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Minamoto Kitchoan, San Francisco
I love Japanese sweets. Love. We walked passed Minamoto Kitchoan on Market Street on our way to the Ferry Building, so we stopped in on our way back. I got the yummy tsuya pancake—bready, sweet, and filled with red bean; a kusamochi rice cake—gummy and goey, filled with the textured ultra sweet red bean; a stunning crispy waffle cookie filled with tasty sweet custard; and finally a yummy mochi ball studded with red beans and filled with the famous red bean filling. I was in heaven with every bite I took. Obvi need to restock.
RER 8.25.14
After a less than satisfying lunch, we needed something sweet for the beautiful ride down the Californian coast. Enter Carmel Bakery and Coffee Co. and their cinnamon pretzel pastries and giant macaroons. The pretzel was huge, flaky and delicious, though it made a mess of the rental car. The eggy macaroon was definitely a favorite, dense with coconut and almost custardy.
RER 8.29.14
RER 8.29.14

DK’s Donuts, Santa Monica
So, these doughnuts blew my mind. There is no other way to put it. I’m deffo still dreaming about these doughnuts. DK’s Donuts was our last stop in LA, right before getting on the plane back to Jersey. We got the beautifully purple ube bacon flavor, which was salty, sweet, crunchy and earthy; the Boston cream—soft and sensual, creamy, chewy with just the right amount of chocolate; the red velvet— cakey with a tiny hint of chocolate and tang from the sour cream cheese frosting; and the apple fritter, which had just the right amount of sticky deliciousness and tart apple bits. Like I want to go back ten minutes ago.

Stay tuned for the savory stuff! Those treats were just as delicious!
RER 8.29.14

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