west coast snacks: SAVORIES

RER 8.28.14
We ate the sweets, but we could not forget to indulge in some savory deliciousness on our trip either! Salty, meaty yumminess coming at ya!
RER 8.25.14
RER 8.25.14
In-N-Out, Goletea
No trip to California is complete with In-N-Out Burger (I guess, that’s what they say). We got Double- Doubles, and two orders of french fries: one regular, one animal style (gotta try it). Delicious fast food at its finest, plus we were starving.
RER 8.28.14

Eggslut, Los Angeles
Thankfully, located on the edge of Grand Central Market in LA, Eggslut saved us right in time. We were starving, hot and pretty hangry, but delicious Eggslut sammies put most everything right. We ordered the Nita and Gaucho sandwiches (not the burger against my better judgment). Despite the heavy dose of bread from the Veneto roll, the insides were eggslutty and delicious. The pulled pork was soft and melted our mouths, melding with the smooth luxury of runny yolk. And the tart and tangy chimicurri and pickled red onions made the spice crusted seared wagyu steak much more delicious.
Eggslut guy: How was it?
Diner: Delicious, I love eggs!
Eggslut guy: You’ve come to the right place
Diner: Slutty eggs are even better!
Eggslut guy: Slutty anything is better!
RER 8.28.14
Wexler’s, Los Angeles
Holy corned beef! I love corned beef anything. Our Reuben sandwich from Wexler’s was piled high with thick, chucky slices of corned beef, some melty swiss, a thin layer of sauerkraut and an even thinner layer of Thousand Island dressing. The sandwich was incredible greasy— tolerable for the first half, but extremely difficult for the second. This was unfortunate as the heavy-duty sandwich was off to a great start.
JAR 8.28.14

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