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RER 11.27.14
So, this Thanksgiving may or may not have been the first time I’ve made an apple pie. In fact, the first time I really made a fruit pie might have been this summer and the first time I have made dough for the crust was just this fall. It’s always fun to make new things and add recipes to the roster.
RER 11.26.14

We were having guests over for dessert on Thanksgiving, so of course that meant we had to go all out. We knew we were going to make the usual suspects: pecan pie, Aunt Lene’s Pound Cake, and Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake. But we needed more, something else. The four of us brainstormed for a week or more before the holiday, and finally Dad mentioned this delicious apple pie with walnuts and sour cream.

And that was it! We looked to Silver Palate for their Sour Cream Apple Pie, and it was a delicious experiment.
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RER 11.26.14
First, we made the dough. A little butter, shortening, apple cider and food processor action, and voila! Pretty dough ready for a night in the fridge.
Then, it was all about the apples. We had a mix of green apples (which we peeled) and sweet Pink Lady apples. The filling is decadent with sour cream and sugar!
RER 11.26.14
Next, came the topping, which rests, between the sweet and tart filling and the fall infused latticework.  It’s brown and white sugar, a dose of cinnamon and meaty walnuts.
RER 11.26.14

With help from my expert sister, the homemade pie dough was rolled and beautiful. Filling and sprinkling was a breeze, but creating the lattice was fragile work, resulting in what we like to call a “rustic pie.”

RER 11.26.14

We had extra filling, so we decided to whip out the frozen store-bought pie dough and put it to use with another apple pie (sans walnuts). This time, we skipped the lattice and went a different route. Using a star-shaped cookie cutter, we cut out stars to top the pie, which made for a merry pattern fit for the holiday.

Finally, we got to taste the pies and they were scrumptious. The filling was not syrupy and saccharine, but stiff and flavorful with distinct textures. It was sweet, but not too sweet— an adult take on the fall favorite. A lovely addition to our Thanksgiving sweets spread!
RER 11.27.14

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