MangiaMore: CHOCOLATE Cavity Maker Cake

RER 12.5.14
Now, about that Chocolate Cavity Maker Cake. I mentioned this cake amongst others on our list of sweets for our Thanksgiving dessert spread. And yes, it was on our list, but it did not, unfortunately, make it to the table.
RER 11.25.14
RER 11.25.14

You see, we made it, easy as 1-2-3, but too bad it didn’t turn out of its pretty silicone decorative bunt pan that easy. To our chagrin, the deeply sweet and chocolaty cake was practically immutable. With patience and struggle, the cake was de-panned, but it was lopsided and not super cute—edible but unattractive, and not good enough for our guests (probably was but…more cake).
RER 11.25.14 

So we made this other tasty chocolate cake instead! And put the Cavity Maker in the freezer for the very near future (we have some birthdays to celebrate this month!).
RER 11.25.14

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