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RER 6.20.14
Really who doesn’t love cupcakes? I know I do. Making cupcakes is fine and dandy, but I love to eat them more (duh!).

That’s where Louissa’s Cupcakes comes in. Louissa, a rising 8th Grader, has been making cupcakes since she was just in fourth grade and has taken her baking to the next level. Louissa used her passion for cupcakes, ingenuity with recipes, and love of baking to create a successful business, producing delicious bites and serving New Jersey and New York City. With over 20 different flavors of cupcakes, she is looking to grow her business that has been thriving through word of mouth and catering requests. I got a chance to chat with the young entrepreneur about her expanding business and cupcake flavor repertoire.
RER 6.20.14
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I even got to taste four scrumptious flavors: piña colada, strawberry shortcake, mocha and chocolate chip cookie dough. Each variety was bursting with flavor, really bringing the true essence to the forefront. The pineapple filling of the mini piña colada cupcake was sweet and came alive with the frosting with a hint of tang and coconut, while the fresh strawberries filling the strawberry shortcake cupcakes added texture reminiscent of summer. The dense mocha cupcake was darker and rich, coffee luxury leading the charge. Filled with chocolaty cookie dough, the final cupcake was inventive and an unapologetic combination of the world’s favorite sweets.

Learn a little more about Louissa and Louissa’s Cupcakes in our interview.

How did you get into baking?
I began baking four years ago; I loved to decorate cupcakes and at that time I only made cupcakes from a box. Then my sister's birthday rolled around and she was so sick of having canned frosting and cupcakes from a mix, she asked me to make her homemade cupcakes. Ever since then I've been baking, creating, and decorating.

Tell me a little bit about your business.
My business started the summer after making my first homemade cupcake. I began to sell cupcakes at the local farmers' market in Maine, where my family vacations in the summer. I still sell there to this day but in addition I also cater events and occasionally sell in Jersey City. 
RER 6.20.14
RER 6.20.14
Why cupcakes?
I love making cupcakes because they allow so much versatility; I think that cupcakes just appeal to my creative side.

What are your favorite things to make?
Mini cupcakes are my absolute favorite things to make but, besides them, I love to make anything chocolate, cake, cookies, pudding, brownies, you name it!

What is your favorite flavor cupcake you make?
My favorite flavor of cupcake to make is probably my tie-dye cupcake. I also really like working with and creating different fillings.
Who or what inspires your baking?
I get a lot of inspiration for new recipes and flavors from cookbooks, online forums and blogs, and other businesses. I generally look at websites and cook books for ideas and from there I expand. I use recipes more for inspiration because sometimes I find they don’t always steer you right, so I end up altering and changing them. Other places and cupcakes never have that full flavor, so looking for and producing that punch of flavor is important to me.

Future for your business?
In the future I hope to build a larger clientele, and create a website where interested customers can browse flavors and place orders.
What would you say are your most popular cupcake flavors?
Coffee, chocolate cookie dough, and lemon definitely.

For inquiries about Louissa's Cupcakes please reach out at louissascupcakes@gmail.com!
RER 6.20.14

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