an extension of HOME : Padoca Bakery Opening on the Upper East Side

RER 6.17.15
At the corner of 1st and 68th Street, across from a playground, rests Padoca, a gem. Clean light streams through the walls of windows, illuminating the playful, intimate space while smells of sweets and savories and strong coffee fill the air, inciting the desire for delicious bites.
RER 6.17.15

The name Padoca, a warm nickname for a bakery in Brazil, combines owner Marina Halpern’s Brazilian heritage with the ideals of her new bakery. Halpern strives for an authentic neighborhood bakery that is for the community where nostalgia and comfort meets artistry and innovation through inventive, creative and delectable foods and drinks full of heart and soul.
RER 6.17.15
Rachel Binder
It can be more than that local spot to get a great cup of coffee or a nutritious bite on the go; it can be a magical place to savor something special, a taste of the extraordinary. Pastry Chef Rachel Binder spins traditional and favorite treats with unexpected twists, resulting in whimsical renditions and unique treasures.
RER 6.17.15
RER 6.17.15

Gorgeous cookies, like the balanced classic chocolate chip cookie and the imaginative “Rocky Road” chocolate cookie studded with toasty marshmallows, will haunt the dreams of any sweet-tooth. The pretty bolo de coco, coconut cakes, are edible masterpieces—tropical, refined, flavorful and just sweet enough for afternoon tea or a mid-morning snack. Swirled sweet breads, like the Romeo & Juliet rolled with cheese and guava paste, bring together sweet and a little salty, while the red velvet brownie confection topped with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting wrapped up to-go is the consummate indulgence.
RER 6.17.15

The new bakery also serves up savory bites to rival its sweets.  One of its signature savories is its Pao de Queijo, fondly called the “PDQ.” This highly addictive gluten-free pastry is light as air, doughy and eggy, filled with the most marvelous bite of cheese, culminating in flavors redolent of childhood memories. Savory empadinhas, meaty mini pot pies, filled with chicken and mushroom or a variety of fillings, bring buttery moments with warm hearty centers.
RER 6.17.15

Padoca also presents breakfast items like an “Omega 3” carrot-apple-raisin-walnut-flaxseed breakfast bun, acai bowls, and teacakes and bread, while lunch includes more grab-and-go items like healthful salads, sandwiches and soups. The bakery serves coffee by NobleTree Coffee using the Modbar espresso system, and its tea program is by Palais de Thes
RER 6.17.15

Padoca is an extension of home. It is both welcoming and familiar, and exciting and innovative with a little bit of everything for everyone.

Padoca Bakery
359 East 68th Street 
New York, NY 10065
Ph. 212.249.8085

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  1. Deeeee-licious! A fabulous treat for the palate and for all the senses. Pastry Chef Rachel Binder puts her stamp of perfect balance on all the items. Can't wait to go back!!


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